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How it all began with “Rescue the Rhine”


Rolf Guest

Rolf Gast and Dick Gilles met in 2021 and it quickly became clear that they would tackle a new environmental protection project together. Rolf Gast gained his experience as a shareholder at CRUISING HOME in Harlingen, where he has been building exclusive houseboats for customers all over the world for over 7 years. His maritime and economic foundation is his own marina in Düsseldorf, where he lives and works.

The close economic ties to the Netherlands in the maritime sector against plastic pollution and the consequences of climate change for the maritime economy were the incentive for both partners to create new and sustainable products.

“Our idea is to develop our own products and natural solutions that mitigate the consequences of advancing climate change. We implement these investments with the help of committed companies so that we can offer them to other ports in the future. Our goal is to gain as many ports along the Rhine as possible so that the measures have an impact.”

Thanks to our partner Asahi Kasei Düsseldorf, the first plant islands with underwater ventilation can be viewed in the Media Harbor. 



Dick Gilles

Dick Gilles (1961) entrepreneur, sailor, boatswain, inventor, ship's mate, yacht builder...

Dick did everything. A dedicated man, a veteran of the sailing world and life on the water, admired by his team and customers alike.
For him, “nothing is too difficult or impossible” because he always has a solution, or if not, he finds one.

At its shipyard in Middenmeer, specialists work heart and soul on the development and application of the latest shipbuilding and propulsion technologies. Among other things for  Plastic Whale, Tideman and New Electric Marine. The starting points are 'circular' and 'sustainable'. For 25 years, this philosophy of delivering cutting-edge craftsmanship has been the foundation of Dick Gilles Jachtbouw.

To build our OFF GRID solutions, he uses the most modern shipbuilding materials, such as recycled HDPE and off grid technologies.

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