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Plant islands & Supergreens for private individuals

Do you want to help us keep the Rhine cleaner and green up parts of the Media Harbor?! We offer sponsorships for a variety of plant islands. If you are interested, please call us: 0163 74 34 827 Or write us an emailEmail

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Plant islands & Supergreens for companies

Do you want to get involved in local water protection and communicate positive signals of your commitment to environmentally relevant issues on social media? Then we can support you in implementing a project. Or, on important occasions, you can give away sponsorships for plant islands that we install and maintain for you. We offer various opportunities for companies to participate in our regional water planting projects.


Individual cooperation
We would be happy to work with you to find ways to integrate the installation of plant islands on the water into your business model. ​We look forward to working with you to develop and implement ideas.

Joint team event – an unforgettable day on the water
Do you want to feel the Rhine and get involved yourself? Then plant your plant islands with us as part of a team event and experience nature up close. We would be happy to respond to your individual wishes.

Our planting island packages include

  • Planting the plant island as a concept. Shading, water purification. Insect friendly.

  • Protect the planted trees with a wild fence or install browsing protection

  • Targeted selection of the plant island, taking site-specific conditions into account

  • Company sign on site, planting certificate as a gift

Benefits for your company

  • Sustainable & positive external impact for your brand image

  • Marketing collaborations

  • Strengthening the corporate culture

  • Suitable as an individual promotional gift

  • Project in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


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