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Rescue the Rhine – NEWS

March 23.03.2024

Clear Rivers and Rescue the Rhine intensify their cooperations

The Rotterdam-based Clear Rivers Foundation has been collecting plastic from the Rhine and Meuse rivers for years. The special thing is that Ramon Knoesters and his team turn the material into furniture, building bricks, floating gardens and plastic collection stations.

In 2024, both companies will strengthen their commitment to keeping the Rhine clean.

March 08.03.2024

March – Successful test of our aquatic plants

This year's winter was hard on our aquatic plants in the test and cultivation tank with minus 8 degrees. After we have pruned the plants, they will now be replanted in the Asahi Kasei Garden. The hardy aquatic plants we use clean the Rhine water in the rear harbor basin. You can find more information about the individual plants at: Link


February 29.02.2024

New partnership to protect the Rhine

​We are pleased about the new partnership with the Zollhafen Marina in Mainz. Detlev Höhne and Rolf Gast are increasing their commitment to protecting the Rhine. In the first project stage, water-clarifying greenery will take place in the harbor basins. “Simona Ecoplastiq” pipes are being used for the first time as sustainable, fully recyclable floating bodies.


January 05.01.2024

Rescue the Rhine at Boot 2024

You are cordially invited to our trade fair stand in Hall 11 H 23 from Sat., Jan. 20, 2024 - Sun., Jan. 28, 2024. Together with Plant Islands Lower Rhine, we will present our measures to green the water areas in the Media Harbor. We would like to thank Messe Düsseldorf for their support.


September 18.09.2023

New: Asahi Kasei plant islands in the Vacation Club


Asahi Kasei Europe has announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Marina Düsseldorf marina to improve the climate resilience of the Düsseldorf harbor basin with the “Rescue the Rhine” initiative. A key component are the so-called “plant islands”. These floating modular gardens were equipped with special water-clarifying plants.


September 10.09.2023

New: The plant islands in the media harbor


In search of the optimal shading of the water, we have now entered into a cooperation with the young company “Pflanzinseln Niederrhein”. These floating plant islands are a beautiful and clever product with which we can quickly and inexpensively stop evaporation and at the same time clear the Rhine water of excessive toxins.

Plant Islands_Detail_News.jpg

September 09/01/2023

New: Underwater ventilation “Smart Bubbles”

To improve the water quality and activate the anaerobic soil environment, the marina is using underwater aerators (Smart Bubbles) for the first time. So far, 6 aerators are used. Because the outside temperatures have reached the 30 degree mark again this year. At 24 degrees water temperature, the oxygen level for the fish drops dramatically.

April 18, 2023

Action:"Rescue the Rhine N°2"


The marina continues its commitment to shading the water through sustainable greenery. We would like to thank Hanns Josef and Marion Bolten from Düsseldorf for the first sponsorship of our floating apple tree.

Tree Planting_XS.jpg

April 18, 2023

Action:"Rescue the Rhine N°1"


With our floating gardens made of recycled plastic (HDPE), we are starting to green and shade the water in 2020. The plants form natural competition with blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and offer fish and water birds a protected habitat.

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