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With this floating and mobile travel lift we are presenting a world first for the maritime boating and leisure industry. Previously, boats and ships had to be lifted ashore using cranes and expensive travel lifts in order to carry out cleaning and repairs. These lifts are expensive to use one-dimensionally.

Conventional hydrohoist and other lift systems, mostly from the USA, also offer the possibility of raising the boat, but with increasingly low water levels on European inland rivers this also became a problem. With the extremely rising temperatures due to climate change, many yacht harbors and marinas are facing another problem. The contamination of water by toxic cyanobacteria  (Blue-green algae).


What are the functions of this mobile 3 in 1 travel lift?​


Environmentally friendly boat repairs and drive-in car washes

  • With this OFF GRID lift you can steam blast the underwater ship comfortably and independently of the tide.

  • To use the high-pressure cleaner, we use river water, which is cleaned using a filter system. This means no drinking water is wasted.

  • Four electric chain hoists with a total lifting capacity of 4 tons lift the boats out of the water to working height.

  • Repairs to anodes, shafts and propellers can easily be done in the water.

A mobile, floating PV system

  • The 30 sqm roof of the OFF GRID Lift offers you, as a marina operator, the opportunity to generate inexpensive solar power for you and your customers.

  • This also opens up other options, such as charging e-bikes or electric boats.

Mobile oxygen ventilation

  • Algae carpets in the form of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in the harbor are not just an aesthetic problem. The ecological after-effects, such as the overturning of the water (including fish deaths)  can destroy the entire ecosystem.

  • An innovative and highly effective solution is aerating the water.

  • A built-in compressor unit with hoses and underwater bubblers supplies the fish
    Oxygen contributes to the mixing of cooler water from deeper layers and thus deprives the algae of their food source.

  • As a mobile unit, you can drive the OFF GRID lift into any infested port area.


Environmental standards

  • Construction made of HDPE - High Density Polyethylene (recyclable).

  • Recyclable steel and aluminum.

  • No introduction of pollutants, such as harmful underwater antifouling paints etc. on the HDPE floats. Use without hydraulics > no risk of oil.

  • Clean the boats only with biodegradable cleaning products.



  • Catamaran made of HDPE

  • Length 10 meters, width 5 meters

  • All-round accessible area

  • Special sizes up to 10 tons on request


Deployment: Medienhafen Düsseldorf


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